I have just reviewed . . . the Fascination Station and am truly impressed. I have traveled over the world to fairs, expos and museums and have never seen such a user friendly device for viewing 3D . . . it's design is so flexible that it can be adapted for videotapes, games and a variety of media makes it highly adaptable. I will be happy to assist with manufacture, and distribution and to make my software available for use with it.
Michael Starks, President, 3DTV Corp. June 8, 1998. Professional Biography

. . . I was impressed with the overall concept . . . The ergonomic design and ease of use greatly enhance the chances for success. Your design literally "invites" the viewer in. This would be a great hit in a trade show or shopping center kiosk. The potential for the Fascination Station seems to be unlimited . . .
L. J. Simpson, Marketing Manager, i-glasses! - I-O Display Systems July 3, 1998

As stereoscopic video producers, one of our main concerns is delivery of high quality images to a captive audience. Viewing 3D video is a difficult obstacle to overcome and we have innovated several successful environments for trade show applications. However, none of our solutions can match the overall ingenuity of the Fascination Station, which solves many of the problems inherent in viewing 3D imagery.

To name a few, multiple viewing of a single source is critical for mass audiences; A quick adjustment for all body sizes has been a vexing problem solved only by hiring squads of assistants- your self adjusting lever eliminates the need for expensive added crew; Perhaps the most difficult problem to overcome is brightly lit exhibition halls, malls, and outdoor displays. By Creating a recessed pod for each viewer, the "Station" can be place anywhere without sacrificing direct light wash on the viewing screen - which cuts image quality significantly.
. . . Those forward thinking companies who have dared to use 3D technology have reported record breaking attendance at their booths but I must admit it has not been without many headaches which could have been completely eliminated by the Fascination Station.
. . . Your product will certainly be the most effective 3D viewing environment we can use.
Craig Adkins, President, Multi-Dimensional Media, May 22, 1998
Producer of the world's best selling stereoscopic (3D) video: "Escape"
. . . When I first saw the prototype of The Fascination Station, I was immediately impressed with the thoughtful design and the marketing potential of the idea. I was even more excited when I actually had the opportunity to experience the "experience" of the Fascination Station. . . . I think the concept will have broad appeal to many potential markets and will be a tremendous success.
Bob Sollee, General Manager, Audio Authority, October 14, 1999
Manufacturer of electronic switching systems and custom displays for clients such as Circuit City, Sears, and Best Buy.


I have reviewed your 3D tape "A Journey to Natural Bridge" and find it to be an absolutely superb work. I see alot of 3D from all over the world and I don't think anyone has done it better . . .
Michael Starks, President, 3DTV Corp. June 14, 1997

. . . "Journey to Natural Bridge" . . . was a gorgous half hour trip up to the 'naturally formed bridge' in Kentucky. The steadycam work in this video was amazing . . .
Lawrence Kaufman, Co-Chairman, Southern California Stereo Club. March 27, 1997

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